Each church in the Synod has been given a Yellow Bag like this one. We have one for City URC. They were given out to Synod reps at the Synod meeting at the end of February.

With the bag we are asked to do three things –

1. In the period March to June 2016:

In an appropriate group in our church (elders’ meeting or equivalent, church meeting, study group, house group, etc.) please think together about what items you might place in the bag to represent the journey that our church has been on (perhaps including the journey you hope to be in the years to come). What has been helpful?  What has sustained you?  What resources have you valued?  Anything put in the bag should be considered non-returnable, so don’t include your communion silver!  If you’d like to do so, feel free to put something in the bag that identifies your church.

2. On Saturday 2nd July 2016:

Arrange for someone from our church to take your bag to the Big Day Out. In the course of the day, all the bags will be received, and then re-distributed so that each church takes home a bag that is not their own.

3. In the months following the Big Day Out:
Look together at the contents of the bag we have received and ask ourselves some questions:

What do the contents say to us at this point on our faith journey?

How might we respond to what we have received?

What changes might we make to our direction of travel as a result of the gifts we have received?

What might God be saying to us through what we have been given?

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