City Prayers

On a hill far away.
by the Revd Ken Graham


A series of white arches above the mining town of Aberfan mark the graves of children who were among the 116 who died when fifty years ago a slurry slid down the hillside on their school as they were at their lessons.


Today a scene of devastation where an intensive bombing campaign reduces a city to rubble.

In a recent report, in five days alone 96 children were killed and 220 wounded.


In a hurricane hit country where the death toll stands at 900, may of whom are children.

Yet more signs of our turbulent world

where the tears fall,

grief cries out,

and the questions keep coming.

Where is God?

God is among the bridge builders, the peace makers.
God is with the aid givers and in the generosity of people, who hear the cries and feel the pain.
God is in the voices of those who seek justice.
God is with those who build but do not destroy.
God is at the graveside, in the hospitals.
God who weeps with Rachel, weeping for her children, who refuses to be consoled, because they are no more.
God who is in forgiveness and reconciliation.
God is in the child, placed among us, and says,
‘whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me’.

God who reaches out in the embrace of love.

Kyrie Eleison: Christe Eleison: Kyrie Eleison.



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