Friends and Neighbours

Our FAN (Friends and Neighbours) group is open to anyone friendly from around the corner or around the world.  If you are feeling a little lonely, are new to the area or learning English you will be especially welcome.  We are a friendly group of men and women who gather each Saturday ready for 11 am in the URC cafe.  Our FAN meeting follows the same pattern each week: we open the meeting and then talk in turn about our week, and a topic.  If there are new people we introduce ourselves. We listen with respect and are continually surprised and delighted by the insights and experiences of group members.  Anyone is welcome, no matter what their background or religion.  You don’t have to book and there is no charge.  Before and after FAN – we chat.  FAN is a simple concept but very powerful.  Coming to FAN, being part of this community, makes you feel that the world is a more friendly place.

If you would like more information about this FAN group or the other FAN groups that meet weekly in Cardiff  please contact Sarah on 07880630553 or look at our website or follow our facebook page 

Sarah Duncan-Jones

FAN Manager

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