Maudelias Foundation

As you may know, our chosen church charity this year is the Maudelias Foundation, and we wanted to give the church an update on our activities.

We officially constituted the charity earlier this year, we have chosen a Small Charities constitution to use, and have four Trustees; three are City URC members and one other person who has an interest in the charity, having heard about it via one of Egnes’s daughters. We have a bank account, so are now ready to apply for any appropriate grants which we can find out about. So far we have applied for a grant offered by the Welsh Government, called the Wales For Africa grant: as yet we have not heard if we were successful. We have other possible grants to apply for.

Applying for the grant has helped us write out clearly what our aims are. We can share this with you all as we hope you will walk this road with us as we support Egnes with her dream to work with the impoverished community in her home town of Gokwe, Midlands Province in Zimbabwe, to improve their lives there!
We have three main aims: to enable ten girls and women to attend/return to the primary school in Gokwe for the year 2019 (initially), the assist up to twenty women to learn basic sewing skills during the year and to get the local Bore Hole reopened to allow local people easy access to water. But our first task is to hire a container to get all the goods which Egnes has collected over the past years to Gokwe in Zimbabwe. These goods include the sewing machines, books, bicycles and clothing.

We are very grateful for the support from the church this year. We look forward to continuing to work together on this project! Please contact any of us if you have any ideas or suggestions on ways to raise money or gather more support for the charity.

Alison, Liz and Egnes.

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