Every Thursday evening, the Upper Room is full of young people aged 16-18 drawn from five schools and colleges in Cardiff, who come together to train and plan.
What for?   You could ask.   Well, they are the Cardiff part of our Hybu Pobl Ifanc programme.

Hybu is a local charity which works with young people of this age group, training them in volunteering, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills and we support them to create and deliver activities and events in disadvantaged areas.

This means they do all kinds of things; every week after school they run clubs for primary school children, and then even more ambitious they run holiday clubs in weekday mornings of every school holiday.   They also visit, and organise events for senior citizens.   They have just raised £2000 so we can purchase Christmas presents for children living in poverty in Cardiff and Newport, who otherwise will not receive any.

They do numerous fund-raising events, and forget fetes they come up with some amazing things, from fashion shows to Guinness World record attempts.

So, if you have ever wondered what happens on a Thursday evening – it is a group of incredible young people working hard to bring fun and a little bit of change into the lives of people around them.   Have a look at our website hybu.co.uk and you will hear what the young people say about what they do.

Gill James


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