My Meaning of Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day, for me, is a very sad time of the year. It brings back many memories of when I served in the Royal Air Force. For some, being a Veteran themselves, they will know what I mean. For others, they remember late family members, some who they have never met, who lost their lives in conflict or war.

In January of 2005, my Corporal was killed during duty. He was shot down on the Hercules aircraft in Afghanistan by the Taliban; he had just had his third child. I think of him often, the times when we were very frequently paired for night duty. He had a dry sense of humour but the extensive knowledge he had was great. I learned so much from him during my time at RAF Lyneham. I don’t talk about him often, as it is very moving for me to do so, but I’ll never forget Corporal David (Dave) Williams, and his memory lives on through me and my former colleagues.

I had the privilege of doing prayers at church for remembrance day, but it became apparent just how much this day touches my heart. I hope, God willing, that we will see an end to the wars and to the military men and women losing their lives, just to make our World a more peaceful one.

Ali Lintern-Gittens


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