2018 City Charity

I would like to thank City URC and highlight that I am both delighted and honoured to be supported with such generosity.  This will allow me to achieve my dreams and make Maudelias foundation a reality.
I hope to work hard to give back to others in the same manner I have been blessed through the efforts of others.

The character of love to me has mostly two actions; giving and receiving and I feel by participating in both these actions invokes senses of worth and belonging. John 3:16 [The love of God giving of His son to die for our sins so that we receive eternal life] this in turn gives us the capacity also to give and receive love.

The greatest tool or forces for changing people’s lives are good and powerful ideas and equal vision. I do not underestimate the time, effort and dedication required, but I am willing to go all the way and with your
support, the outcome is promising.

The idea/vision—I started buying sewing machines and some were donated by members of the Church, all sorts of books mostly academic with Zimbabwean mothers and those young people who are less fortunate than others in mind; I  also have a few toys for the toddlers for when mothers will be on project duties – they will keep them happy.  The stuff that I have will fill a forty feet container including my personal inventory.

My idea was, and still is,  to have in the beginning, a group of women coming together to sew school uniforms and use the profit to pay for school fees for those children whose parents or guardians could not afford the fees.  This is an enormous challenge and very ambitious seeing there are no funds at my disposal at this point in time, but God willing, with the support from the Church we will find ways to germinate the seed planted into my heart so it will become a moving vehicle to express Almighty God’s love.  Still other thoughts press on my vision for instance:

Borehole   – no reliable water supply – I have since found out that the flushing out a borehole last used during the armed struggle is not possible because the pipes used in the 60’s and the new equipment are totally

Importance to the community—School children walk long distances to fetch water to take to school for the teachers and school projects often queuing as early as 4am.  Accessing water is not just for thirst, hunger
sanitation or hygiene but will bring opportunity for gardening for sustainable nutrition and education through more time to rest instead of waking up early to queue for water and being exhausted even before
starting the school day.  Then the community could then be approached for small donations of their produce to run a soup kitchen of sorts for the children.  Coupled with the proceeds from uniform making, I am sure this could not be a problem at all.

It would be a dull and monotonous world if we all thought alike.  None of us have a monopoly of ideas.  This is what my vision and idea looks like but I would like to invite you to bring out contributions of your visions and
ideas to make this work.  I am inviting everyone to come on board so we can build this dream together so that when you visit Zimbabwe you will not be disappointed. I am extending an open invitation to all Church
members and families, you are welcome.  This is special and unique as the seed was planted in the Church.

I promise I will send updates of progress and all other eventualities.
Thank you again for believing in me.  Stay Blessed

Egnes Duncan


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