Safeguarding Policy – City United Reformed Church

City United Reformed Church encourages all individuals that use the building to play their part in:
creating and maintaining a safe environment for all, especially children and adults at risk, so that the dignity of each person is respected
being informed about different forms of abuse and harassment and how to respond appropriately, making it clear that any abuse or harassment is unacceptable
taking seriously any concerns, allegations or complaints of abuse and harassment and responding to them promptly, including reporting concerns to, and cooperating with, the relevant statutory authorities
caring for those who have been abused in the past
offering pastoral support to people in the church who have been accused of abuse and those who are being investigated
ministering wisely and providing supervision and support to those who have been perpetrators of abuse
providing opportunities for all to flourish and journey towards healing
City United Reformed Church agrees to:
• recognise that the welfare of the child is paramount and that the priority is always to act in their best interests
follow legislation, statutory guidance and recognised good practice
safely recruit all those with any responsibility within the church
ensure the relevant people undertake regular safeguarding training
respond without delay to every complaint which suggests that a child or adult at risk has been harmed or is at risk of harm
cooperate with the police, Children’s and Adult Services in any investigation
work with those who have suffered abuse, offering appropriate pastoral support
challenge any abuse of power, especially where the person is in a position of trust
• offer support and supervision to those known to pose a risk to children and adults
report to the appropriate Councils of the Church
review safeguarding policy and procedures annually

These rights are inherent to all human beings, irrespective of nationality, gender, ethnicity, race, religion, language, sexuality or any other status

All concerns or allegations should be addressed without undue delay to City’s Safeguarding Coordinators, Nici and Viv.

If you do not have their details, they can be contacted via the ministers, elders or church secretary..

Reviewed and approved by the Elders 7.12.2021

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