America’s Hate Preachers:

America’s Hate Preachers: Director/Producer Hannah Livingstone
Broadcast on Monday 21 November at 10.45pm BBC 3

“No Homos in this Church ever. Never.”
This from one of the USA’s so called Christian Hate Preachers.

His rant went on to use his own misguided interpretation of the initials LGBT as Let God Burn Them. He represents a fringe movement.
There are signs, however, in these uncertain political times, that its popularity is growing. Feeding as it does on human ignorance and fears.

He claims the Bible as the source of his poisonous views. His is a literal, highly selective use of scripture, that bears no understanding of its structure and tradition.

I am glad this church is nurtured on a more radical, better informed, deeper understanding of its historical context and the nature of the God that seeks us out with a generosity of love, reconciliation, peace and justice, which is far removed from the hate filled preacher’s rhetoric.

Revd Ken Graham

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