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You are welcome to view the exhibition of artwork by Elizabeth Gray-King, shown in partnership with the Open Table Network.

Working together because of a shared commitment to inclusivity in the name of God.  City centre locations are an ideal place to show via the artwork that inclusivity is imaginable and shows up in images depicting God topics.  If visitors can literally see people in gatherings with no barriers, it may be possible to see that not all Christianity is exclusive to a few, and that God is wide-ranging love.


Touring Art Exhibition offers fresh insights
Liz Meek talks about the impact of the pictures:
The insightful Art Exhibition Open to All by United Reformed Church fine artist and theologian Revd Elizabeth Gray-King has proved a great talking point here at City Church.
The exhibition shows a series of intriguing and affirming canvases that explore the equality and inclusivity of God’s love.
For love of resurrection, Revd Elizabeth Gray-King, whose insights arise from being both an artist and an ordained minister, is currently working alongside the Open Table Network [OTN], a national charity that works to urge and facilitate a wider, safer, authentic inclusion for LGBT+ people across all UK churches.
Being able to get close to the images has certainly made an impact with many of the visitors. Several have said how it’s given them a fresh insight into their relationship with God.
The colours Elizabeth uses and the way she often breaks her images out of the standard picture plain, tearing and stretching the canvases, has encouraged people to see afresh and reflect on their assumptions about God and faith.
I’ve been gifted with several lovely conversations about people’s lives and the decisions they’re making when I’ve been volunteering as a steward.

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