Christian Aid – Harvest Appeal

If you’re unfortunate to be born into the wrong caste in India, today, you’ll probably face a lifetime of injustice.  This was the situation facing Kasthuri and her young son. Kasthuri is a Dalit – the lowest caste – and she has faced prejudice throughout her life.  When she chose to marry against her parents’ wishes, however, things got much worse for her – she faced danger and abuse too.

Sometimes salvation comes from an unexpected source.  Selvi comes from a higher caste than Kasthuri and she is determined to break down the social barriers that create so much injustice in her country. With help from Christian Aid partner, the Sustainable Farming Alliance, she set up a small farm where women and their children could begin to rebuild their lives after suffering abuse.

This is where Kasthuri now lives.  With the help of EcoVeg, a Christian Aid project, Kasthuri and the other women are being trained on how to grow organic vegetables and then on how market and sell them.  Her life has been transformed.  She has been able to rebuild her life and offer her son a stable environment in which to grow.

Hope for the Poor—Kasthuri’s hopeful story is Christian Aid’s Harvest Appeal theme this year.  Tackling the injustice that creates poverty is central to Christian Aid’s work.  Kasthuri’s story and the effect of India’s caste system is a great example of this.  With your help, Christian Aid can help even more women escape from the awful poverty which faces them.

Harvest season is an opportunity for us to give thanks to God for his abundant blessings towards us. It is also an opportunity for us to act to change our world for the better. Will you join with Christian Aid this year as we thank God for the harvest and fight for justice for all?

Do pop over to Christian Aid’s website  for more information and to see how your church can make a difference this Harvest.


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