The situation continues to change surrounding Brexit. There has been a shift from discussing the problems that need to be solved to leave smoothly, to focusing on the political tactics to achieve any departure.  We are all participants in this and there is no ‘independent’ point from which any of us can view the situation.  Christians disagree about Brexit too.  However, the Bible is consistent in showing God as being concerned for orphans and widows – for the poorest and for those who have no voice in society – and we should reflect that in our words and actions.

We may not have one answer to the chaotic situation we find ourselves in, but we can gather in prayer: to seek God’s will; to show concern for others; and to provide a space for lament, reflection and hope.  When the Synod Mission and Discipleship Board met at the start of September, we agreed to encourage you to open your chapels and make it known that there is space for prayer and reflection surrounding Brexit.  I encourage you to do that; to show that we recognise the divisions in our society and care about people who are affected by the outcomes.

Yours in Christ,

Simon Walkling
Moderator URC Wales Synod


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