City URC Timeline

At the beginning of 2018 the members and friends of City URC began to reflect on their shared history and thoughts for the future.  Their stories were collected and presented as a ‘timeline’ on the wall in the main Church, excerpts from which will be serialised here.

I first came to United Reform during the 1984 – 85 Miners Strike. I was with my Union Nalgo at a big meeting in Cardiff. Along with all the other important Union speakers at the platform was Doug Bale. I asked which Church he was from and I went home to tell David (Morris) how good his speech had been. So he said ‘well, we’ll go along next Sunday’. We went in the evening for quite a while to hear Doug and Peter Scotland. But David went to Brussels and had new grandchildren and we drifted away. But some years later David met Tom Arthur and became a regular. I think he became a Member. I came to Cardiff often with him. Politically we did a lot together and I felt that he should have something for himself, he did not need to have me with him all the time.

So I grew to know many
people in URC and liked them. But when David died so suddenly then friendship
and kindness was so important that I kept on coming.

I came on the bus for a
while, but my friends Ann and John Hopkins were Quakers. So for a long time
they brought me. Now it is just Ann.

So after 11 or so years I am
still here. I love the way the Church and its people act. They show me that the
only way is ‘love one another’. So just like politics I fail but have to keep

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