City URC Timeline

At the beginning of 2018 the members and friends of City URC began to reflect on their shared history and thoughts for the future.  Their stories were collected and presented as a ‘timeline’ on the wall in the main Church, excerpts from which will be serialised here.

“I started coming to City around 20 years ago, becoming a member in 2000. The Synod had been desperately seeking a Synod Treasurer.  As my partner was employed there, I volunteered to help out.  I had to be a URC member to do the job.  Around that time I saw Tom Arthur preach with a view.  I liked his theology and became a member quite happily.  A couple of years later, City was looking for a Church Secretary so I volunteered again.  This time, I had to become an Elder first, which is what happened.

I have stayed a member at
City because of many things.  The theology is liberal and allows us to
explore the meanings of scripture without limits.  We are all free to have
an opinion and to express it.  The Open and Affirming policy underpins our
approach to our fellow humans and is something to cherish.  City supported
the bookshop in its hour of need and now hosts the only Christian bookshop in
at least South Wales, if not the whole of Wales, which is liberal as opposed to
convservative.  The church has a history of social care, institutions like
the Huggard Centre, Cardiff Bond Board, Slocombe Cottages and more, owe their
existence to our early members.  We have also supported Asylum Justice and
the Lightship.  It is a record to be proud of.  The ethos has not

The members and adherents
of City are welcoming and loving.  They accept people as people, with no
questions asked.  All are equal in God’s eyes – all are loved.”

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