Saturday 1st December 2018 sees the launch of the Handcrafted@City events.

City URC members and friends are a crafty bunch; we include artists, candle-makers, knitters, florists, bakers, card-makers, weavers, crocheters, jam-makers, sewing enthusiasts, wax-wrappers.

We are donating artisanal produce to raise funds for the MaudElias Foundation, the charity the City United Reformed Church folk are supporting this year.  The MaudElias Foundation was established by one of our members to provide people living in an area of social deprivation in Zimbabwe an income through crafting.

If you have a talent more hidden than most (i.e. we don’t know about it), please consider donating some items or bring along a whole load and donate a percentage of your sales towards this very worthwhile charity.

You can also support us by coming along on 1st December to enjoy a relaxing morning wandering around the delightful stalls of our craft producers.  Find a ‘one of a kind’ art work, great for that special Christmas present, or a treat for yourself.


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