Cardiff Adult Christian Education Centre (CACEC)

The Cardiff Adult Education Centre was founded in 1961 as an ecumenical Christian study centre. It is based at City United Reformed Church and managed by a committee drawn from all the main Christian traditions. It is a body in association with CYTÛN (Churches Together in Wales).

The Aims of the Centre

To provide Christian education for adults in the area of South Wales at a level which is normally unavailable at a school or a local church.

To provide the systematic study of religious culture and allied subjects, particularly among those without formal theological education.

To foster critical discussion of contemporary moral, social and theological issues.

To provide a setting in which insights from the different Christian traditions may be exchanged and evaluated.

To serve the wider community, providing open access to all, regardless of Christian affiliation or commitment.


The Archbishop of Cardiff (RC),
The Archbishop of Wales (CW),
The Bishop of Monmouth (CW),
The Chairman of the South Wales District of the Methodist Church
The General Secretary of the Presbyterian Church of Wales,
The Moderator of the National Synod of Wales of the United Reformed Church,
The Superintendent Minister of the Baptist Church in South Wales

General inquiries should be made to
the Administrator, Mr Joel Sainsbury
Tel/Fax (029) 20225190

CACEC is a registered charity no. 1019934

One comment on “Cardiff Adult Christian Education Centre (CACEC)

  1. As a Christian, I attend church regularly and enjoy the worship of Christ through music.. In my spare time I love to write songs with a message, not for profit but to simply tell a story based on life and share my music for free with those who may relate to the theme.
    Recently, I felt drawn to write a piece of worshipful praise and as such have written a song telling the ‘Story of Jesus’ in a way that it can be used as an educational tool as well as an upbeat Rock Hymn.
    My song is now on youtube with an accompanying video and I have placed the link below for your listening pleasure.
    Pleaase feel free to play the song at Church and use it as a teaching aid when seeking to spread the ‘Story of Jesus’, particularly with children.

    I know it is a huge story, but I have condensed it into just 7 minutes of praise.THANK YOU, Jeff Barley

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